Project Overview

Launched in 2022, TradeTidy was founded with one mission: to help make tradespeople more organised and efficient.

To successfully engage with a diverse range of trades, from painters to plumbers, electricians to carpenters, TradeTidy recognised the importance of building a robust digital community. They wanted to leverage the power of social media and paid campaigns to target and connect with professionals in these specific sectors.

The Numbers

In just eight months, we successfully introduced eight new products, attracted 100,000 visitors to the website, and exceeded our sales target by an impressive 20.6%. Furthermore, we grew TradeTidy's social media presence from zero to over 10,000 followers. Our strategic approach extended our social media reach to 1.5 million, and our targeted paid social ads reached an additional 500,000 users, including the attention of industry-leading stockists.


Increase in Average Order Value


Increase in New Customers


Revenue Growth


Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


We approached Tradectory at the end of 2021 with a problem-solving product that we’d identified a gap in the market. Tradectory conducted market research for us and agreed that it would be an excellent product to launch.  We decided, with their advice, to sell it via our website with sales driven by ads and social media activity, which has worked amazingly well, and we’ve exceeded the target month on month since then!

Tradectory like to see themselves as a key member of your team, and they have definitely proved that with us and we can honestly say we wouldn’t be here without their support and marketing work – a great company to work with, and we 100% recommend them for your digital marketing work!

Jack Murphy - Managing Director. TradeTidy
Jack Murphy

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